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It is my intent to take everything that I have practiced on faith, and either confirm it or discard it. I am seeking clarity of mind above all else, above worship, above magic. I do not deny either faith or magic, it is simply time to take it further. I think that this is the path less traveled. One thing that rings true to me is, "Be it harm none, do as ye will." I guess I am going to learn to rede. Anyway, that will be my first statement of my personal moral code. To me it means that I shall try not to hurt anyone or anything, nor will I obstruct or criticize anyone else provided they are not trying to harm someone or something. I know that this is considered the Wiccan way and I am claiming to be looking my own truth, my own way, for clarity of mind. I do not see this as an original thought or claim that it will lead to original thinking. I am merely saying that I am going to confirm or discard all of my learning and all of my beliefs. This declaration of my moral foundation is the one that I have held dearest to my soul and the one that I will test first.

I post it here because this community seems dedicated to standing up for personal beliefs and I am questioning my own. So, this should be a could crowd to discuss my journey.
Very nice! Fresh starts are always a benefit. We choose our lives on this plane so that we can keep building our wisdom and strength, and not only will you learn a lot, it's likely that the courage it took to declare yourself a student again was a significant step for you. Congratulations, and may your path be blessed! (blessed by who or what is your choice. n.-)